StressLess Sampler CD

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StressLess Sampler Tracks


Disc 1

1. Introduction

2. Dissociation & Grounding

3. Diaphragmatic Breathing

4. Ten Minutes Diaphragmatic Breathing

5. Body Awareness Scann

6. Progressive Relaxation

7. Conclusion


Disc 2

1. Your Safe Place Imagery

2. Beach Imagery

3. Extraordinary Relationships Affirmations

4. Just Relax! Self-Hypnosis

5. Centering Prayer

6. Conclusion

StressLess Sampler MP3 Tracks Disc 1

StressLess Sampler CD Album Disc 1

Stress that is untreated may become a crisis. The StressLess sampler offers techniques for managing your stress. Use them to relax. Contains 2 discs.


StressLess Introduction MP3 Album Disc 1

This track describes how stress impacts you.



Diaphragmatic Breathing MP3 Disc 1

This track instructs you on how to turn off the stress response and turn on the relaxation response through diaphragmatic breathing.





Ten Minute Diaphragmatic Breathing Practice MP3 Disc 1

This track provides you with a 10-minutes breathing exercise to promote relaxation.


Dissociation & Grounding MP3 Disc 1

This track discusses a common avoidance strategy and techniques for coping with it.



Body Awareness Scan MP3 Disc 1

This track leads an exercise helps you identify where your body stores stress and how to relax those areas.


Progressive Relaxation MP3 Disc 1

This exercise helps you to relax your muscles deeply.


StressLess Sampler MP3 Tracks Disc 2

Your Safe Place Imagery MP3 2

This track uses imagery of your favorite place to manage your stress.


Beach Imagery MP3 Disc 2

This imagery transports you on a trip to the beach for the ultimate sensory experience.


Extraordinary Relationships Affirmations MP3 Disc 2

This affirmation focuses on the skills to develop extraordinary relationships.


Just Relax! Self-Hypnosis MP3 Disc 2

This self-hypnosis track allows your unconscious choose to relaxation.


Centering Prayer MP3 Disc 2

This track contains an alternate method of prayer.


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