"You have helped save my life! I am actually feeling JOY today! Thank you, ---J.F."

The office will be closed until May 29. Non-urgent contacts made today will be responded to on the week of May 29, 2018 or after.


First time callers seeking and appointment can 1) click the blue button on the upper right to register and schedule a FREE phone consultation on the online calendar, 2) ask the webchat receptionist to schedule a phone consultation, or 3)  leave a voicemail at 972-906-5607.


If this is a life threatening situation, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. Do not register on the online calendar.


Current clients with an urgent clinical matter that cannot wait for my return, may leave me a voicemail that indicates that it is urgent and the nature of the emergency. If you leave an urgent message, I will  try to return the call within the hour or so. Use your tools in the mean time. 


Alternatively, you may call the crisis hotline 800-762-0157.



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