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Dr. Richards is out of the office. The office will reopen on 4/30/2019. 


Those with life-threathening issues, call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Room. 


Current clients with urgent clinical matters, call 972-906-5607. Or call the crisis hotline at 800-762-0157.


First-time callers can schedule a phone consultation and current clients can update appointments by going to www.JoyfulLifeInstitute.com. Click on the blue button to register and/or login.

About Us

"I am greatly appreciative for all the work I accomplished with you. I will also highly recommend you to others. Thank you for all your work with me. I would not be able to make a decision like this without your counsel and tools you have helped my develop." ---T.R.

The staff at Joyful Life Institute, Inc. assesses, counsels, or coaches individuals, couples, families, groups, executives, and businesses. Our services include counseling; personal, peak performance, and executive coaching; EMDR; hypnotherapy; and Critical Incident Debriefing. We see clients with all types of complaints. We welcome clients who are in crisis and who have past traumatic experience. It is our hope that you will allow us to walk alongside and guide you on your journey.

Our number one priority is to bring health and well-being to our clients' lives by restoring their joy for life. We want to help you break free from old habits, developing healthy coping skills and finding new ways to respond to life's challenging situations.

For additional treatment services not mentioned here, please feel free to contact us.

About Dr. Richards and Dreamer

Michelle Richards, Ph.D.

Hi I am Dr. Richards. I am passionate about empowering you to discover your joy for life! Learn more.


Hi! I am a "therapy dog." Learn more.

A Look at Our Practice

Joyful Life Institute, Inc. understands the importance of providing patients with a warm, friendly and familiar atmosphere. We are centrally located in Lewisville with plenty of onsite free parking. Our practice is open, bright and comfortable, which is exactly how we want our clients to feel. The counseling rooms are discreetly shielded from prying eyes, so you can be certain that what you say during therapy stays between you and your therapist.

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