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Online Services

Click on picture to the left to gain access to the desired online service.

Videoconferencing Coaching Call

Online services are a developing format for the delivery of educational or therapeutic services over the Internet. We offer videoconferencing sessions coaching, which may include 1 to 5 participants.  Individuals, couples, families, and groups are welcome to use this format.


Note that coaching is not a healthcare service. Therefore, insurance may not be billed for this service. Also, insurance does not cover online therapy.

Click on the picture to make a one-on-one video coaching call.


Please conduct the call in a room where you are alone and use a head phone to maintain privacy. Video coaching calls will be discontinued if unplanned participants are heard or seen on the video coaching call. In that case, you will be charged for the full amount of the scheduled vicdo  coaching call.

Guided Self-Help Coaching

This is an online guided, self-help, self-paced coaching option that is a fraction of the price of live therapy. The online therapy option comes with 8 sessions, worksheets, worksheet reviews,  progress monitoring tests, a community forum, and live chat. Coming Soon

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