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Evaluation tests are an efficient method used to identify aptitude, personality characteristics, symptoms, behaviors, and interactions. They aid in identifying strengths and growth areas. For your convenience, many of these test can be taken online from the comfort of your own computer.

Benefits of Assessment Testing

 Taking assessment inventory can:

  • reduce the number of sessions needed to complete assessment interviews
  • identify areas to target and focus on in counseling
  • corroborate result of face-to-face assessment interviews
  • provide a description of your strength and problem areas
  • convey objective data to insurance supporting medical necessity/benefit payment
  • track progress with multiple administrations of the same test over time
  • aid insurance companies to determine need for continued service and payments
  • compare your scores and profiles to a sample population similar to you
  • reveal the severity of problems/issues
  • determine diagnoses based on respondents’ responses

Asssessments Available

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