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"You're the most serene and gentle task-master I've ever encountered. You're a woman of few words; so when you speak, I know I need to listen. You have a great overview of whatever emotional struggle
is happening. And you know what to say to pull new awareness out of others. I experience you as a gentle coaxer with great understanding. You have a serene, loving, quietly powerful spirit." --- J

Dear Prospective Client,

Thanks for your interest in my services. If you are seeking a therapist, this might be a challenging time for you.


Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to talk with me and get clarification on your questions.  It will also give me a chance to listen to your concerns and see how I might best be able to assist you.


To make the most of the free 15-minute consultation, follow the five simple steps below in preparation for our conversation. I look forward to talking to you.




Michelle J. Richards, Ph.D.


P.S. If this is a life threatening situation DO NOT register on this website. Instead, call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Room.

Step One


You may schedule, reschedule, review, cancel, receive email or text reminders, and pay for your appointments online. It's quick, convenient, and confidential. Just click on the button above and follow the log on directions.


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Step Two



This is a sample of the online calendar menu. While logged in to your account, you can perform the following actions:


Set, view or re-schedule my appointments   Set, view or reschedule appointments
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Step Three



Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation. Then you can talk directly to Dr. Richards. She will listen to your concerns. Afterward, she will let you know if she can provide you with the tools to improve your situation or refer you to someone who can.


Schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation by clicking the button above. Remember to mention your COUPON CODE. Please, schedule this consultation for 8:00 AM, 8:30 AM, and 4:30 PM ONLY.


Return to this page once you have scheduled a phone consultation.


Place yourself on the waiting list if these times are not open on my calendar. (See below - Place Yourself on the Wating List).



To place your name on the waiting list for a phone consultation, click "Send a Secure Message to Dr. Richards" (See sample Online calendar Menu above) and make your request. Be sure to include the following information:  When are you available to be seen? The name of your insurance, if applicable.


Return to this page once you have once you have placed yourself on the waiting list.

Step Four

If your registration Insurance Information is incomplete, please complete it prior to the our phone consultation. Click on "Update Contact or Insurance Information" link now.


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Step Five

No longer needed.


If your registration Biographical Information form is incomplete, please update it prior to our phone consultation. Click on the "Complete a Biographical Information Form" link now.


Once you have completed all five steps, all you have to do is wait for a call from Dr. Richards at the time you scheduled.

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The office is closed until Wednesday, December 23, 2015.

To schedule or upate an appointment, click on the "Schedule Now" button, "Webchat" button (during business hours), or leave a vm that will be returned when the office reopens.


For emergencies, call 911 or go to the ER.


For urgent clinical issues, leave a message  marked urgent or call the MHMR Crisis Hotline 800-762-0157.



Dr. Richards is now accepting clients on her waiting list.


Please follow the simple instructions below to put yourself on the waiting list.


You will be called as soon as there is an opening that matches your availability presents itself.