Electronic Communications Policy

Email, IM, text, chat, and other forms of electronic contact have become a routine part of our culture. Know our policy to minimize your risk of a breach of confidentality electronic messages. Note that for this policy 'email' refers to all forms of electronic contact.


Q: Are emails confidential?
A: Emails are secure and encrypted only when you log on and use the Schedule Now Tab. All other email platforms are unsecured.Do not send emails that contain Personally Identifiable Health Information (PHI), symptoms, or complaints as there is no guarantee emails are secure or private. Provide such information in person or via phone.

Q: Do you ever use email?
A: Joyful Life Institute's (JLI) policy allows the sparing use of email communications. For example, appointment scheduling, rescheduling, canceling, confirmations, and reminders by email.

Q: What are the possible concerns with email confidentiality?
A: Emails may be misdirected to an unintended recipient or intentionally intercepted by a third party. Emails sent from an employer-provided email account are typically subject to review by the employer. This does not afford you confidentiality.

Q: Can my emails be subpoenaed?
A: Emails create a permanent written record of our communication. Emails are subject to discovery, subpoena, and search warrants. Courts may decide emails are not privileged communications.

Q: How frequently do you check your email?
A: There may be a lag time between your sending and this provider receiving your email. Email is the staff’s primary mode of communication. Several days may elapse before your provider opens and can respond to your email.

Q: How can I contact you in the event of a clinical crisis?
A: Email should never be sent to notify your provider of a crisis. If this is a life-threatening situation, call 911. If you are a current client and this is a clinical crisis, call 972-656-9385 and indicate in your message that your call is urgent.
By sending future emails you understand and acknowledge the potential for loss of confidentiality when you use this mode of communication. Given this, you authorize JLI to send you email replies. Also you accept all risk, liability, and damages that may result from an email breach.

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