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Here is a list of some of my favorite recommended readings. While you may obtain these books at your local bookstore or electronic reader, as a courtesy to you, I have placed them on my website to provide you with a quick and easy way to access and purchase them.

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"Sweet Thoughts" CD

"Sweet Thoughts," the CD, contains affirmational statements that are set to music for your enjoyment and your healing. Have you listened to your self-talk lately? Is the narrative that continually plays in your head positive or negative? Take the challenge! Truly listen to the things that you are saying to yourself just for one day. You might be surprised what you hear. If the things you say to yourself are discouraging, hurtful, or paralyzing, this CD may be for you. Or do you know people who have gloomy outlooks? This CD would make a great gift for them.


Repeated listening to positive affirmations can record over your negative old tapes in your head. Dr. Richards narrates this soothing CD which is designed to help you bolster your self-esteem, set and attain goals, manage time, reduce stress, and enjoy extraordinary relationships. Stress less so that you can discover your joy for life! Buy Now.

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