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”Yesterday we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary!!! Both of us discussed how without God’s amazing grace and our counselors helping us [to] do the hard work it took, there would not be a celebration. You have given us tools that we use daily, that have helped our marriage just not exist but flourish and become one of living & loving intentionally. Thank you for walking the journey with us!” ---- K.S.

Couples' Check-ups


Relationships require continual care and nurturing in order for them to grow healthily. A couple cannot succeed if they are neglectful of their relationship. Checking in with each other daily to see how the other is doing is as necessary as breathing. So too is periodically evaluating the state of your relationship.
You must assess if your situation has changed? Do the roles need to be adjusted accordingly? Which goals have you accomplished? Are there new goals in their place? Is your partner aware of these shifts? Is there strain in the relationship? Do you need clarification on what can be done to tweak your relationship?
Come in and assess your relationship strengths and areas for growth. This 45-minute Couple's Check-up includes the results of an assessment, an interview and a brief evaluation of your relationship. Click on 'Schedule Now' or call 972-906-5607 to schedule a couple check-up.

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