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Onsite Services

ALL sessions are conducted ONLINE.



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Onsite therapy services are delivered in our brick and mortar offices at 105 Kathryn Drive, in Lewisville, Texas. You will talk to your therapist face-to-face. Individual, couple, family, group, intensive, animal-assisted therapies, pastoral counseling, EMDR, and hypnotherapy can be performed onsite.


One benefit of the onsite therapy format is the ability to more easily develop a therapeutic bond with your therapist that facilitates a trusting therapeutic relationship. This relationship creates a safe context for you to share your feeling, try new things, and be free to make mistakes knowing that you won't be judged.


Another benefit of onsite therapy is that socially isolated individuals can obtain a flesh-and-blood source of support and motivation to leave home. Non-verbal cues and charged communications are best observed and addressed when all the parties are together. Presence at a session is necessary for some forms of therapy such as animal-assisted therapy and EMDR. Finally, most insurance cover most onsite therapeutic services. Animal assisted therapy is not covered by insurance at this time.


Onsite therapy is not right for everyone. If you are home-bound, geographically distant, or have a physical challenge, it may not be easy to attend a sessions. In that case, consider one of our online therapy options.


While we are spending more time using the Internet and our smartphones, there is something sacred about the connections two or more people make when they enter into a therapeutic conversation with the fucus on attaining a goal. For this reason, face-to-face therapy will always serve a vital purpose. See you on site!

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