Online Therapy

We offer live online therapy, which may include 1 to 8 participants.  It may be used for individual, couple, family therapy formats.


Online therapy services have become popular method for receiving therapy. It is convenient. This method streamlines time management. It saves gas money. There's no commute. More accurately, the commute is simply to your computer or device. Access to therapy is open to communities that previously had few therapists. It is valuable for those who are homebound whether due to illness or agoraphobia. Online therapy is good for those who want to use it "just because..."


The research revealed that online therapy is equally as effective as face-to-face counseling. These telehealth services can deliver educational or therapeutic services over the Internet. Many of the in-person interventions can be performed while online. Those interventions that cannot be performed online have been creatively reimagined. In addition, the Internet has given rise to new forms of interventions that meet the clients' needs.


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