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Dating and Relationships

Mend it or end it? Relationship red flags. Is this relationship worth saving? Should I leave, separate, or divorce? Letting go. Stop repeating old pattern. Fix relationships..

For more than 25 years, my clients have trusted me to help them heal their wounded relationships. I specialize in mediating high conflict relationships, especially those where one or both parties has/have experienced trauma. The relationships I coach include  those who are dating, cohabiting, and married. I also consult with those who are having difficulties with adult parent-child relationships, adult sibling relationships, employer-employee, teams, neighbors, etc. While I prefer to work with both parties, our collaboration can be effective when we work one-one-one.


In my work, I help people heal their wounded relationships and let go of toxic ones. Specifically, you will learn to: 1) identify and interrupt old repetitive patterns, 2) listen for solutions, 3) communicate clearly, 4) be assertive and set boundaries, 5) challenge and request changes for inappropriate behaviors, 6) repair "fixable" situations using relationships skills, 7) forgive yourself and others for your own sake, 8) have the courage to  leave unhealthy relationships, 9) have the confidence to be alone and enjoy it, 10) to be content in your life and relationship.