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”Yesterday we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary!!! Both of us discussed how without God’s amazing grace and our counselors helping us [to] do the hard work it took, there would not be a celebration. You have given us tools that we use daily, that have helped our marriage just not exist but flourish and become one of living & loving intentionally. Thank you for walking the journey with us!” ---- K.S.

Mend it or End it? The Book

Coming Soon!

Mend it or End it eBook - by Michelle J. Richards

Pre-order this book now! Order before the release date and receive the pre-order discount. 


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Mend it or End it? Multi-Media Master Program

Membership Includes: 

  • Weekly content
  • Weekly professional group coaching
  • 1-Year access to multi-media skills libary
  • Peer support


   Sale $277 per individual 

     $397 per couple

Regular price $599.97


Mend it or End it? Fast-Track Online Coaching

Do you need to make a quick decisions? Request the four (4) hour or eight (8) hour fast-track online coaching consultation. 


If you are an individual or couple who is on the verge of breaking up or divorcing, you will receive coaching and learn about relationship dynamics that may factor into your decision.  Decision-making skills may be discussed, as needed. The fast-track may help you to clarify or decide whether to 'Mend it or End it?' 


Call 972-906-5607 to schedule a fast track online coaching appointment.

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