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Dr. Richards is out of the office. The office will reopen on 4/30/2019. 


Those with life-threathening issues, call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Room. 


Current clients with urgent clinical matters, call 972-906-5607. Or call the crisis hotline at 800-762-0157.


First-time callers can schedule a phone consultation and current clients can update appointments by going to www.JoyfulLifeInstitute.com. Click on the blue button to register and/or login.

Client Services

"Thank you so much for all your guidance. I have learned so a lot from you and feel very positive about my future... Thanks again for your wisdom." --- C.V.

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Onsite          Offsite       Online        Self-Help

We know that you lead a busy life. For your convenience, we offer services in formats that will give you flexible options for growing by participating in therapy or coaching.


Onsite services are delivered in our brick and mortar offices at 105 Kathryn Drive, in Lewisville, Texas. You will talk to and work with your therapist face-to-face. Onsite services include: individual, couple, family, intensive, group, animal assisted therapies. It also includes hypnotherapy, EMDR, pastoral counseling, and parenting coordination.


Offsite services give us an opportunity to provide services in the community. Examples of offsite services include seminars, in-services, workshops, critical incident debriefing, ropes courses, and retreats.


Online services are a developing format for the delivery of educational and therapeutic services over the Internet. Some online services include self-guided, self-paced therapy and coaching delivered via IM, audio call, videoconferencing, and chat room. Audio call, video calls, and chat room coaching may include 2 to 12 participants. Individuals, couples, families, and groups are welcome to use this format.


Self-Help serivces are for those intersted in therapy but for some reason are unable to come in right now (e.g., those on the waiting list or those who cannot afford live therapy). It is also available for those who want to continue working on themselves after sessions. You will find free articles, books for sale, online coaching, and an online self-help, self-paced therapy option that is a fraction of the price of live therapy. The online therapy option comes with 8 sessions, worksheets, worksheet reviews,  progress monitoring tests, a community forum, and live chat.

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